25 and Under: Sammii Jayne Wrestles for the SWE Future Division Championship

by Daniel Johnson


Sammii Jayne vs. Viper

Scottish wrestler Sammii Jayne has been wrestling since 2012 and at least up to this match had not won a championship to really skyrocket her career. This match for Scottish Wrestling Entertainment (SWE) at the SWE Uprising: Seasons Beatings VI gave her a chance when she wrestled Viper for the SWE Future Division Championship.

SWE is a company that prides themselves on pushing a diverse selection of young talent. So while Jayne has a style that ranges from mat based to high flying it isn’t that surprising that her opponent is a different beast altogether. By beast I mean almost in the literal sense since SWE Future Division Champion, Viper uses an aggressive powerhouse style with some submissions thrown in.

Speaking of submissions for much of this match it is apparent that Viper has tunnel vision since she repeatedly tries to lock on her finisher, which is Boston crab. Although to soften Jayne up Viper pulls out a few other holds including a straightjacket that turns into a straightjacket/surfboard hybrid. This move puts Sammii down, but not out because soon enough the lighter Jayne hits a dropkick. However, Viper just keeps going back to that Boston crab.

Jayne was so upset following this match that she cut an eerie promo where she sung to Winnie the Pooh. No, really.

The full match can be seen right here:

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