25 and Under: Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob at Pro Wrestling EVE

by Daniel Johnson

Kay Lee Ray vs. Carmel Jacob

Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob are two young wrestlers who had well over a decade of combined experience when this match took place at Pro Wrestling Energy, Victory, Excellence (Pro Wrestling EVE). The battle went down in the quarter-finals as part of Pro Wrestling EVE Queen of the Ring 2012 Tournament.

The encounter starts with Jacob’s tag team partner Sara-Marie Taylor getting ejected from the ring because of the two cheating in a past tournament match. Jacob then shouts that she is too good to have to wrestle Ray and demands that Ray just lay down for her. When Ray refuses, Jacob demonstrates and Ray goes for a pinfall. From there it is on and Ray attacks with a dropkick, a hurricanrana and before long a suicide dive. Ray keeps this pace up for a bit and even hits a forearm into the corner that looks a little like a Stinger’s splash. Jacob on the other hand uses a more mat based style though she does whip out Yoshihiro Tajiri’s always lethal looking tarantula. Jacob also just heels it up to an excellent degree by putting Ray in a headlock and calling her, “an ugly bitch” then mocking her and doing jumping jacks. However, Jacob could still not get the job done and at one point in frustration says, “I’m going to cry!” Hmm, I think Vader did the same thing when Shawn Michaels refused to job to him at WWF SummerSlam 1996.

At any rate because Jacob cannot win clean, her sinister associate, Taylor comes back out. However, right behind Taylor is the face tag team of Hannah Blossom and Holly Blossom who never take kindly to heels. With Jacob’s cheating prevented, Ray hits a swanton bomb to secure the win.

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