Old School Flashback: “Exotic” Adrian Street Shows Up in the LPWA

by Daniel Johnson

Tina Moretti and Miss Linda vs. Bad, Black and Beautiful

The charismatic and innovative “Exotic” Adrian Street escorts Miss Linda to the ring to take on Bad, Black and Beautiful for this affair. Linda teams with Tina Moretti aka WWE’s Ivory while Bad, Black and Beautiful is made up of The Bad Girl, Black Venus and the always dastardly Boogaloo Brown. Yet, perhaps the most interesting part of this clip is prior to the match when Ken Resnick interviews Street and Linda. During the chat Street even recites a poem explaining why he is not like Liberace. Well, I suppose if you’ve seen Behind the  Candelabra you know that’s probably a good thing.

The match opens with Linda going after Venus before tagging in Moretti who attacks with a dropkick. However, it is not long before Moretti is trapped in Bad, Black and Beautiful’s corner and comes out of it with a bloody nose!

When Linda gets tagged in she then beats the snot out of The Bad Girl and nearly slams her. However, Brown gets on the apron to distract the referee, which forces Street to come in the ring and get the ref’s attention back on the match. When the ref is finally turned around though Girl has Linda pinned and Bad, Black and Beautiful get the victory. After the match Brown gives a winner’s interview, but while he’s talking Street slaps the taste out of his mouth!

An incredibly short match, but it never hurts to see “Exotic” Adrian Street!

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