Old School Flashback: Ivory in the LPWA

by Daniel Johnson

Bambi and Tina Moretti vs. The Nasty Girls

Years before she joined the WWF and founded her own animal daycare business, respectively, Ivory wrestled for the LPWA, using her real last name as Tina Moretti.

The Nasty Girls (no relation to The Nasty Boys), consisting of Nasty Linda Dallas and Nasty Kat Leroux are announced as weighing a combined 227 lbs. That right there eludes to what mainstream American wrestling fans are missing out on today with such little time given to women’s matches. Just based on their weight and size alone, the average size woman can do things in the ring that the average size man simply cannot. Heck, even Rey Mysterio couldn’t bump around like The Nasty Girls do in this match, especially now when his knees are held together by saltwater taffy and fermented apple juice.

As for the moves of the match Moretti impresses early on with a snapmare, some dropkicks and an armdrag. However, Dallas and Leroux fight back and double team the future Ivory. Eventually, Bambi makes the save for her partner and strikes down both of The Nasty Girls then slams Leroux. Bambi also clotheslines Leroux, but instead of getting the victory the match spills to the outside where a wild brawl erupts. Both teams are counted out, but after a double headbutt to their opponents Bambi and Moretti walk out with their heads held high.

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