ISW Free Match Monday: Arion Takes on Sanchez

by Daniel Johnson

Frankie Arion vs. Pinkie Sanchez

This match from the semi-finals of the original ISW Burger King of the Ring features some good psychology and pretty unique moves. The bout starts with Pinkie Sanchez and Frankie Arion each attempting to kick their opponent’s face and missing. Soon enough though Sanchez scores two dropkicks and an elbow to the side of Arion’s face. The two trade strikes for a bit before the first really interesting move of the match which happens when Arion delivers a dropkick on the outside while Sanchez is in the tree of woe position. Sanchez doesn’t stay down for long and he targets Arion’s legs, which culminates in Sanchez clamping on a Muta lock after an Indian death lock. One has to wonder how The Great Muta himself would do in such a contest.

Sanchez stays in charge of the match for a while until Arion busts out a German suplex. Both men are down for a while and upon rising they trade strikes. Arion comes out on top, but misses a splash from off the top rope. Sanchez then hits a moonsault followed by a legdrop while Arion is in the tree of woe position. However, Arion like Nelson Muntz then sees his own blood and goes berserk. Arion puts Sanchez away with a death valley driver and a splash from up top.

Will the semi-finals of the Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper be so sweet? We’ll find out in less than two months.


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