Puro Flashback: Rene Dupree in AJPW

by Daniel Johnson

Rene Dupree and Joe Doering vs. Taiyo Kea and Takao Omori

Do not adjust your computers! I assure you the tattoos that Rene Dupree has in this clip are just as crappy in this video as they are in real life. Still, crappy tattoos or not Dupree opens this match with Taiyo Kea in a way that supports him previously being considered a wrestling prodigy. After some back and forth scientific maneuvers Dupree ends up in his opponents’ corner when Kea tags in his partner, Takao Omori.  Omori and Dupree soon start chopping the heck out of each other. If Omori keeps instigating chops like that then his chest is going to be more raw than the deadest piece of sushi that can be found in Tokyo. Dupree uses a shoulder block to escape and tags in his partner Joe Doering and almost immediately Omori and Doering start chopping each other! What a chopfest!

Doering really roughs Omori up in what looks like some stiff moves as the match spills to the outside and Doering throws Omori into the guardrail. However, a bit later when Doering tries to powerbomb Omori he gets hit with a hurricanrana instead. Kea then gets a hot tag and takes Doering down before Dupree and Omori re-enter in a few seconds, psychology behind this match be damned! Dupree nearly wins after a neckbreaker and a top rope elbow drop, but Omori ends up with the victory after one heck of a lariat.

Despite wrestling well over 100 matches for AJPW between 2010 and 2011 alone, Dupree has not wrestled for AJPW within the last year. However, Dupree continues to appear in Japan, most recently wrestling for the WRESTLE-1 promotion.

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