Indie Flashback: The WSU Champion Faces Beyond Wrestling’s Top Ranked Wrestler

by Daniel Johnson

Jessicka Havok vs. Mark Angel

Since the folks at Beyond Wrestling have not uploaded any full matches this week I decided to head over to the vault of their sister promotion, WSU. This is a truly unique match-up as Jessicka Havok who held the WSU Championship took on Beyond Wrestling’s top ranked wrestler, Mark Angel. Angel positions himself as the heel of the match early on by heinously beefing on Havok’s gas mask.

As for the moves of the match Havok dominates early on with some kicks, but then Angel takes control for the majority of the match. Denver Colorado points out how Havok usually depends on her strength, but cannot do that in this match against the stronger Angel.  Among Angel’s offense are a clothesline, some shoulder blocks, a snapemare and some kicks. Havok does a fine job selling all of these moves and also takes a German suplex that looks like it was performed by Karl Gotch himself. Angel runs into a problem when he starts chopping Havok and Havok reveals that she was wearing a spiked bra. I think I’ve seen Lou Thesz use the same technique…or maybe not. Havok erupts on Angel with two clotheslines and a Yakuza kick. Angel tries to make a comeback, but ultimately gets put away with Havok’s air raid crash finisher, which plants Angel on his head.

As a whole this match was short and sweet!

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