Old School Flashback: Boogaloo Brown Manages Success

by Daniel Johnson

Alma Alvarez and Sindy Paradise vs. Bad, Black and Beautiful

The team name Bad, Black and Beautiful may raise some eyebrows from some politically correct wrestling fans today (are there such people?), but back in the good old days of the LPWA this name stood for a team consisting of The Bad Girl, Black Venus and manager Boogaloo Brown. Adding to the charm of the group, Boogaloo Brown looks like a poor man’s M.C. Hammer, which given M.C. Hammer’s financial troubles really says something.

While the action from Bad, Black and Beautiful’s match against Alma Alvarez and Sindy Paradise from Best of the LPWA Volume 2 may be unworthy of being on a best of compilation, the lines commentator Jim Cornette gives are quality. From going on about Alvarez’s ring attire looking like it was eaten up by moths to saying Paradise taking on The Bad Girl (who’s size rivals that of Reggie Bennett) is, “like a honey bee trying to sting a rhinoceros,” there is plenty of classic Cornette. As for the wrestlers, Alvarez and Paradise get in some good offense at the beginning and the tiny Paradise gets a huge pop when she knocks the behemoth Bad Girl off of the ring apron. Yet, while Paradise stood toe to toe with top talent in the LPWA, in this match Bad Girl and Venus cut her off from Alvarez. At one point Paradise actually makes the tag, but the referee didn’t see it so it didn’t happen. Paradise goes on to take a double suplex and a loss in a mediocre match with great commentary.

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  1. This Boogaloo Brown, James Moses. Thanks for Keeping our work alive. Those were some of the best women wrestlers on the planet at the time and I’m proud to have associated with the promotion. Thanks sincerely


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