Old School Flashback: Reggie Bennett Battles Candi Devine

by Daniel Johnson

Reggie Bennett vs. Candi Devine

This is a match that the LPWA promoted as power against experience. Being the more experienced of the two, Candi Devine gets an early advantage by hitting an armdrag then going after Reggie Bennett’s arm full throttle. At this time Devine also establishes herself as the heel of the match by pulling Bennett’s hair and at one point even stepping on Bennett’s hair then pulling her up by her arms.

Bennett makes a comeback by flipping Devine on her head out of nowhere. After some more back and forth Bennett hits two legdrops and then tries for a third and misses. Although Devine gets in a little more offense the match is soon back in the clutches of Bennett. Commentator Jim Cornette describes Bennett as a bulldog (though not of the British variety) for her persistence in attacking Devine. Heck, at one point Bennett just starts throwing Devine around the ring as if she was Raggedy Ann.

For the finish Bennett gets Devine in a variation of what would become Lex Luger’s torture rack, but is here referred to as the Reggie rack. Instead of making Devine tap, Bennett plants Devine down for a variation of Kurt Angle’s Olympic slam. Way to innovate Reggie!

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