ISW Free Match Monday: El Generico and Twiggy Team Up Against Zombies

by Daniel Johnson

El Generico and Twiggy vs. Izzie Deadyet and Zombified

Before he was tearing things up as Sami Zayn in NXT, El Generico was teaming with Twiggy to battle zombies at ISW Hot Summer Rub-Down. Aside from having some fast pace action this clip also includes all kinds of interesting tidbits about zombies. For instance, I had no idea that a zombie’s teeth couldn’t bite through leather or that zombies ejaculate dust.

At any rate Izzie Deadyet and Zombified control a lot of the match by cutting Twiggy off from Generico. However, when Generico gets the hot tag he nearly wins the bout with a blue thunder bomb following some clotheslines. The fight then goes all over the place and the zombies come close to winning when Izzie Deadyet hits his version of the shinning wizard on Twiggy. Yet, in the end Generico and his knowledge of George Romero movies prevails when he hits a brainbuster on Zombified. This allows Twiggy to hit a top rope senton and close out this nearly 20 minute long bout.

In other ISW news, the company recently uploaded some new videos for the ISW Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper happening this Saturday. Clips include an instructional video featuring Dan Barry about parking at the event (for serious) and some hype videos.

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