RWA: Undercard Action from Devils Night

by Daniel Johnson

Damien Black vs. Amanda Fox

From one of RWA’s signature annual events, RWA Devils Night comes this intergender match featuring two performers, who are not strangers to one another, Damien Black and Amada Fox.

There is actually only about four minutes of in-ring action in this clip. On the plus side the referee wears a mask during this bout, which adds to the Devils Night atmosphere. To start off the encounter, Black wants no part of Fox and instead tries to walk back to the locker room. Rather than take the countout victory over her old foe, Fox instead goes behind the curtain of the entrance and throws Black back toward the ring. When the two finally start battling inside the squared circle Black hits an elbow and a kick, but Fox kills this momentum with a combination Russian legsweep/reverse DDT. Fox then murders Black with a backcracker and Black’s selling reminds me of how Scott Hall used to sell “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s stunner. Fox then plants Black with a DDT, but fails to get a three count. After the two trade pin attempts, Black puts his feet on the ropes and illegally steals a victory.

In case you’re interested in more RWA Devils Night action there are a whole mess of photos from RWA Devils Night right here. as well as some more matches from the event on RWA’s official YouTube channel.

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