RWA: JT Dunn Challenges Davey Cash for the RWA Triple Crown Championship

by Daniel Johnson

“The Juice” JT Dunn vs. Davey Cash

“The Juice” JT Dunn and Davey Cash had a history leading into this match as about a month before it took place Cash defeated Dunn for the RWA Triple Crown Championship by questionable means at RWA Thanksgiving Throwdown. Prior to the match Cash really heels it up and in between calling the crowd busters and dropping an f bomb he says he is going home to the hood after this match.

It is a long while into the clip before the action starts because Dunn gets the crowd into the bout by getting cheers from them no matter where he points except when he points at Cash. Cash, again heeling it up just flips them off. The bout is pretty even throughout with each man scoring a few two counts. It looks like Dunn will be champion again late in the match when he hits a rip chord elbow that sends Cash right onto the floor. Rather than let Cash get counted out Dunn pulls him up and the two fight on the apron. Dunn ends this encounter by giving Cash a big back body drop to the outside. When Cash comes in the ring this time he is all out of steam so Dunn can easily pin him for the three count and win the RWA Triple Crown Championship. Right? Right…


Yes, in a turn that only a poorly drawn MS Paint cartoon of Dean Ambrose could appropriately call Triplelicious interferes and cost Dunn the championship by instead giving Dunn a victory via disqualification. The cavalry comes in the form of Mike Graca who chases off Cash and Triplelicious. This leaves Dunn only able to celebrate the victory in the style of Lex Luger at WWF SummerSlam 1993.

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