RWA: Stylez Faces Marchand at Thanksgiving Throwdown

by Daniel Johnson

Stan “The Man” Stylez vs. Nick Marchand

Before this match from RWA Thanksgiving Throwdown begins Nick Marchand’s manager, Aaron Gore accuses Stan “The Man” Stylez of being oversexed and says Marchand will defeat him in an arm wrestling match. Gore is actually pretty intimidating for someone who looks like a high school geometry teacher. He is also pretty tall even if the RWA has bigger guys.

At any rate perhaps inspired by the Sylvester Stallone classic, Over the Top, Stylez accepts Gore’s challenge, but not before making a reference to The Goonies and getting a truffle shuffle chant directed at the slightly chubby Marchand going. It doesn’t matter to Marchand if he wins or losses the arm wrestling match because when the pro wrestling match starts he kicks Stylez right in the guts for an early advantage.

Marchand controls a lot of the match, but then Stylez makes a comeback and cements it with a bronco buster to Marchand in the corner. Despite using taunts throughout the match that look like they were taken from MILK Chocolate, Stylez ends up getting disqualified when Marchand attempts to clobber him with a foreign object and the referee turns around just in time to see Stylez with the object in his hand.

There is a happy twist ending though. The referee reverses the decision and Gore gets fired. Perhaps now he really can become a high school geometry teacher.

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