25 and Under: Zakk Sawyers at the Beyond Wrestling St. Louis Sleeper Cell Pilot Taping

by Daniel Johnson

Zakk Sawyers vs. Christian Rose

Zakk Sawyers is a wrestler who has been on the radar of Beyond Wrestling for a little while, but hasn’t really gotten a chance to shine much in the company. In this match Sawyer faces Christian Rose, who is older and more experienced, but still a young gun, who has been having an incredible year in 2013. In particular Rose has been tearing up promotions like AAW, Dreamwave Wrestling and the Wrestling is family of promotions. Given Rose’s hot streak and Sawyers’ youth, the dynamic of the match allows Sawyers to play an underdog and also to showcase his selling.

After a chess game of holds Sawyers rolls to avoid a charge from Rose and then wallops Rose with a dropkick and rolling senton from the ropes. Rose then goes right back to holds, but this time puts some spice on one by grabbing Sawyers’ hand and pulling at it so you can audibly hear a crack. Commentator Denver Colorado plays up this injury big and explains that Sawyers  may have a broken hand. Sawyes from them on does an excellent job of selling though perhaps in future matches he could do a little less high flying after such a spot. After all it is a little tough to believe a man with a broken hand would want to do a top rope cross body. Rose closes out the match by putting Sawyers in a Boston crab then stepping on his hand to get the submission victory.

This match from the Beyond Wrestling St. Louis Sleeper Cell Pilot Taping is a testament to what a great underdog Sawyers can play and what a dick Rose can come across as. If these two keep it up they might be nipping at the heels of Johnny Miyagi and Chris Dickinson‘s spots on the Beyond Wrestling roster.

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