Beyond Wrestling: Miyagi Attempts to Survive Carter

by Daniel Johnson

Johnny Miyagi vs. Darius Carter

Johnny Miyagi and Darius Carter have locked up on more than one occasion including in an intergender tag match at one of Beyond Wrestling’s biggest shows to date, Americanrana. Yet this match, which was fittingly enough taped at the CZW Academy, has to be the most brutal conflict Miyagi and Carter have had.

The two go into this match with less than impressive records. While Carter had a record of -3, Miyagi had a winless record of -11. Denver Colorado is dead on with his comparisons of Miyagi to past lovable losers like Mikey Whipreck and Spike Dudley. In fact, I’d say that if Shawn Michaels is the heartbreak kid then Miyagi is today’s hard luck kid because no matter what he does he always seems to come up short.

Despite being relatively small for a wrestler Carter still has a noticeable size advantage over Miyagi and spends the early portion of this match stomping Miyagi and throwing him all over the place like a rag doll. Chris Dickinson finds this so funny that at one point he gets right in front of the camera to laugh into it. Well, of course. Dickinson is a jerk. At any rate Carter’s offense includes double stomping Miyagi while he is halfway off the apron, pushing him onto the cement floor and driving him into the garage door of the CZW Academy. However, perhaps awakened by all the pain they have caused, Miyagi snaps when he gets close to the sides used for the CZW Cage of Death. Miyagi throws two chairs at Carter’s face, hits him with a chair shot, then sits Carter down in one chair before giving him a double stomp! That’s a lot of chair action!

Of course being the hard luck kid, Miyagi can’t catch a break. Carter hits his opponent with a pipe and though Miyagi later rebounds and nearly wins with a bulldog, Carter drives his knees into Miyagi’s face causing another Miyagi loss.

All in all this is certainly a fun match especially for fans of lovable losers.

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