Site News 12/1/13

by Daniel Johnson

Hey viewers and viewerettes! It is that time of year again where readers can start nominating performers for The Crown J award.  This is a reader voted award given to one wresting personality 25-years-old or younger who has yet to be signed to one of the top two wrestling promotions in the United States.

When voting commences in January there will also be some free prizes only voters will be eligible to win. Have an idea for a prize? Drop me a line here.

The following is a list of those verified as eligible for the award so far. A more detailed list of the criteria to be a nominee as well as a list of nominees which will be updated throughout December can be found here. If you know a wrestler or wrestlers who fits the criteria and think they should be on the list then nominate them by sending an e-mail here. All reader nominations must be made prior to December 31, 2013.

Wrestling personalities eligible for The Crown J as of December 1, 2013 are:

Ace Haven
Ace Hawkins
Ace Jordan
Adam Cole
Adam Page
Adan Reyes
Addy Starr
Adrian Storm
AJ Evers
Alex Avgerinos
Andrew Everett
Andy Bird
Andy Wu
Angel Blue
Angel Lopez
Anthony Greene
Anton Deryabin
Anton LeVeigh
April Davids
Aron Frost
Arya Daivari
Barrett Brown
Barry Ryte
Brady Pierce
Brandon Watts
Brian Rich
Brittany Wonder
Bryant Woods
Cedric Alexander
CJ Banks
Cody Hall
Daichi Hashimoto
DASH Chisako
David Starr
Dick Justice
Ethan Page
Evan Daniels
Jay Skillet
Jax Dane
Jessie McKay
Jonathan Gresham
Jordan Devlin
Jojo Bravo
Jordan Jensen
JT Dunn
Kazuaki Mihara
Katsuhiko Nakajima
Ken Kerbis
Leslie Butterscotch
LT Falk
Mark Angel
Matt Knicks
Mia Yim
Mike Hitchman
Nathan Cruz
Noam Dar
Player Dos
Rich Swann
Robert Dreissker
Ryan Kidd
Seiya Sanada
Sendai Sachiko
Shayne Hawke
The White Leopard
Trent Adams

Some of last year’s nominees fit all of the criteria except they have not been mentioned on the site since last year. To give them a fair shake, I just mentioned them all in the list so they are now eligible. Only seems fair, right?

In other site news, as you may have already noticed with today’s write-up for a Beyond Wrestling clip, I will be digging up some old Beyond Wrestling for the wrestling clips section instead of just featuring the company’s newer clips. Although today’s clip was still fairly recent, I will digging way back into the Beyond Wrestling archives as well as there is gold in that there company!

Lastly, The Johnson Transcript is still accepting applications for new writers. To apply all you have to do is e-mail one to three writing sample(s) to

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