An Ultraviolent Intergender Match

by Daniel Johnson

Addy Starr vs. Chris Dickinson

This is a Beyond Wrestling showcase match from WSU, which carries the stipulation the loser must kiss the winner’s ass. Chris Dickinson manhandles Addy Starr to start. While Starr is on the mat Dickinson kicks her stiffly in the back and then pins her Chris Jericho style with one foot. Starr kicks out at one, but then gets put in a gorilla press position and slammed back to the mat. Dickinson continues to punish Starr until she hits him with a DDT off of the ropes.

As Dickinson is down for the first time in this match Starr lets loose by kicking him in the face a bunch. Dickinson kicks back and gets Starr in an electric chair position then spins Starr around for a powerbomb. Dickinson follows up with a German suplex from the wheelbarrow position. After taking a butt load of shots Starr wiggles out of the Razor’s edge position and hits a code red. Starr stays in control, but Dickinson criticizes her for her weak punches. Starr runs at Dickinson, but gets rolled up and Dickinson grabs her tights for a three count victory.

After the match Dickinson slams Starr and puts his bare bum in her face. This is made worse by the fact that Dickinson appears to be sporting a stiffy during this segment. Who does he think he is? Meat?

In other ultraviolent news CZW A Tangled Web 6 happened yesterday. Results for the show can be found here.

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