WSU: An Intergender Match Featuring Spinebusters

by Daniel Johnson

Chris Dickinson and Shanna vs. Matt Tremont and Addy Starr

This match from the Beyond Wrestling YouTube channel is a little more than a week old, but after noticing how brutal some of the spinebusters are in this match, I couldn’t help but write about it. In fact, Matt Tremont’s spinebuster to Chris Dickinson early on is one of the only moves he hits for the first half of the match. However, the impact with which Tremont hits the spinebuster makes up for it. The other massive spinebuster is performed by Dickinson on Addy Starr, but this is not too surprising. After all Dickinson is always rough with Starr particularly when he wants his bum kissed.

This match also featured the WSU debut of Shanna, who has actually been wrestling quite some time, but only recently started hitting the states. In fact, not long after this match Shanna won the WSU International J Cup so it is fair to say she has been on a roll. However, after Tremont gets the hot tag in this match Shanna doesn’t get to showcase her talent much as Tremont tears through Dickinson with some clotheslines. After some more back and forth action Starr gets tagged in and eventually puts Dickinson away with a running forearm.

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