CTWE: Homicide and Rhino on the Promotion’s Last Show Ever

by Daniel Johnson

Homicide and Bobby Ocean vs. Rhino and Bryan Castle

About a week ago I wrote about Kevin Nash’s match at CTWE Farewell aka the last show CTWE will ever put on. If that bit of writing didn’t convince you that CTWE went out with a bang than perhaps this bit will. This tag affair features two well known wrestlers in Homicide and Rhino teaming up with two wrestlers who have yet to be written about on this site in Bobby Ocean and Bryan Castle, respectively.

While Ocean has a great build and is no doubt more athletic than he gets to show in this match, Castle plays a very different role. To put it simply Castle is a lovable doofus who can’t help, but wave to the crowd. At one point Castle even hugs Homicide only to get a closed fist shot in the face in return.

The part of this match that really stands out is the ending sequence where Homicide attempts a tornado DDT on Castle and gets shoved off and then immediately met with a gore from Rhino. However, instead of covering Homicide, Rhino then gets rolled up with a schoolboy from Ocean for a Homicide/Ocean victory. After the match Rhino is so disgusted with Castle that he gores his partner.

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