Indie Flashback: A Five Minute Clash from BATTLEWAR Outdoor Bash

by Daniel Johnson

Twiggy vs. Leon Saver

Tuesdays are usually reserved for ISW clips here at The Johnson Transcript. However, since the match uploaded to the ISW YouTube channel this week was already covered on this website over a year ago, I thought I’d write about a different  encounter from ISW’s sister promotion, BATTLEWAR. This footage from BATTLEWAR Outdoor Bash starts with some Bon Jovi blaring as ISW regulars Twiggy and Giant Tiger rock out. Sadly, this is really all the Giant Tiger there is in this video, but don’t worry there’s plenty more of Giant Tiger rocking out on BATTLEWAR’s YouTube channel.

As for the action in this clip, Twiggy and his opponent open it up by working on each other’s arms and calling out the moves loudly. The hammerlock, armbar and athletic arm roll all make an appearance. Twiggy is the first to score an impact move with a head scissors. However, Saver then gives Twiggy a dropkick and a picture perfect suplex. Twiggy briefly tries to fight back, but then suffers a neckbreaker. Saver’s fatal folly is when he crotches himself on the ropes, which eventually leads to Twiggy hitting a spinning DDT and a big splash from the top rope for a win. Overall, a fun little comedy match that doesn’t take up much time.

To close on a pretty unrelated note the formation of the United Wrestling Network (UWN) was announced yesterday by David Marquez of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. While this news has nothing specifically to do with ISW or BATTLEWAR this alliance of eight independent wrestling promotion may come to have a huge impact on the overall independent wrestling scene.

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