Indie Flashback: The Heartbreakers’ Tag Team Debut in IWC

by Daniel Johnson

The Heartbreakers vs. Sexual Harassment

In this clip from the IWC Video Archive, The Heartbreakers aka the former WWE tag team The Heart Throbs, consisting of  Antonio Thomas and Romeo Roselli make their IWC debut. The former WWE stars take on two regulars from the promotion in the team of Eric Xtasy and JT Rodgers, Sexual Harassment. The Heartbreakers are accompanied to the ring by manager Chris Maverick and the commentators explain the back story that Maverick previously managed Sexual Harassment before turning on them. As can be expected from such a storyline Sexual Harassment are pretty angry and jump The Heartbreakers before The Heartbreakers even enter the ring.

Once the match officially starts Rodgers knocks both of his opponents down with a dropkick, leading them to retreat from the ring. It is a big mistake on their part because Rodgers then flips over the ropes onto both of them. Yet, eventually The Heartbreakers isolate Rodgers and with some fast tags in and out really wear down this man. Unfortunately for Thomas and Roselli, Professional Wrestling 101 dictates that Xtasy then must get a hot tag and sure enough he does. Xtasy unleashes with some Dusty Rhodes like bionic elbows. Rather than take their beating lying down The Heartbreakers instead fight back and the match turns into total bedlam. In the middle of all this Thomas steals the match with a schoolboy for a solid debut.

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