Indie Flashback: Jimmy DeMarco Battles John McChesney in a Steel Cage at IWC in 2011

by Daniel Johnson


John “Big League” McChesney vs. Jimmy DeMarco

To appreciate this International Wrestling Cartel (IWC) cage match fully it is important to know that going into it John “Big League” McChesney had stolen the IWC Heavyweight Championship from Jimmy DeMarco and joined in an alliance with The Founding Fathers’ team. Together, McChesney and The Founding Fathers not only held the IWC Heavyweight Championship hostage for about a year, but also kept control of the company out of the hands of IWC owner Chuck Roberts. Plus, anyone who wears a suit with their championship has to be a little evil.

This was a non-title match, but the stipulation was that if DeMarco won then he would be entered into a triple threat match at IWC Winner Takes All 2011 for the championship in a bout also featuring Shiima Xion aka TNA’s DJ Z. So the crowd at this event, IWC Combat in Clearfield 2 is pumped and cheering on the babyface DeMarco as before the match starts he throws chairs inside the cage. Ever the heel, McChesney soon gives DeMarco a low blow and rakes his eyes then really makes DeMarco regret bringing in those chairs. McChesney performs moves like a backbreaker and a belly-to-back suplex, both of which are on chairs. Heck, at one point McChesney even whips out a modified version of the Arabian facebuster.

However, fans know DeMarco is hungry for McChesney’s ill gotten championship. They cheer DeMarco on and in return DeMarco blows McChesney away with a cutter off the cage.

The full match can be seen right here:

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