Indie Flashback: Colt Cabana Defends IWC’s Top Prize Against Ikuto Hidaka

by Daniel Johnson

indieflashbacklogoColt Cabana vs. Ikuto Hidaka

The International Wrestling Cartel (IWC) put on a stacked show on September 28, 2002. In addition to CM Punk wrestling Christopher Daniels in a 30 minute iron man match main event, Colt Cabana defended the IWC Heavyweight Championship against Japanese sensation Ikuto Hidaka.

Hidaka was five years into his so far 17 year career going into this match and instead of using unique music IWC had him come out to The Great Sasuke’s music. Speaking of interesting themes this was at a time when Cabana came out to Copacabana by Barry Manilow. Well, at least for the first few seconds before the song morphed into an aggressive hip hop beat.

Another weird part about this clip is the IWC Heavyweight Championship is nowhere to be found despite it being up for grabs.

As for the in-ring action the two have an extensive feeling out process that ends with the two delivering simultaneous dropkicks before raising their fists for a standoff. Speaking of dropkicks Cabana later nearly sends Hidaka out of the ring with one, but Hidaka hangs on and executes a beautiful spinning heel kick. Hidaka then targets Cabana’s legs with a series of submissions. Colt in turn sells wonderfully and even loudly drops an f bomb.

The match also features a nifty sequences where Colt goes for a hurricanrana, but Hidaka blocks it. Hidaka then goes for a tornado DDT off the ropes, but is likewise blocked. Hidaka finally achieves a top rope move with an incredible dropkick that the Japanese star gets a lot of air on.

Colt ends the bout with his Colt 45 finisher then gets on the mic and praises his opponent.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next IWC show will be IWC Winner Takes All 2014 on December 13 in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania. Click here for tickets.

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