25 and Under: Scotty Saxon Takes on a Deadly Opponent at Maximum Wrestling

by Daniel Johnson


Scotty Saxon vs. Demolition Davies

Scotty Saxon is a German wrestler with four years of experience and who was trained by popular German star Karsten Kretschmer. Although Saxon has put away opponents throughout Germany with his brainbuster finisher, at the Maximum Wrestling March 29, 2014 show he faced Demolition Davies possibly his biggest opponent yet, figuratively and more visually impressive, literally.

In addition to facing a big opponent Saxon also had the chance to get gold through this match as it was held to determine the number one contender for the MW German Championhship. The dynamic of the match can be summed by the exchange where Saxon tries repeatedly to take Davies down by bouncing off the ropes only for Saxon to get knocked down when Davies slowly raises his arm and clotheslines Saxon.

Amber Rox, Davies’ valet keeps cheering on her man as he clobbers Saxon. If you’ve seen a King Kong Bundy or Vader match you probably already know what Davies’ offense consists of. If you haven’t and don’t watch this match maybe Bundy will give you a call and let you know.

Actually Davies has some suprises. At one point Davies whips out a move that looks kind of like a standing senton or at least it would if he got any air on it. Again, this is a massive dude so it is tough to imagine anything else. Saxon gets in some offense and in one spot even goes toe to toe with Davies when they exchange chops and forearms. Saxon also hits an epic looking package piledriver.

In the end Davies wins with a belly-to-back suplex into a slam.

The full match can be seen right here:

Maximum Wrestling is not currently promoting any shows, but just had one on December 6, 2014. For a suggestive photo of Maximum Wrestling star Pete Bouncer used for some reason to promote the event click here.

For the full results of Maximum Wrestling’s March 29, 2014 show click here.

For more in the 25 and Under series featuring outstanding bouts from Germany click here and here.

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