Indie Flashback: J-Busta Wrestles LJ Rebel at CTWE Vs. NEW

by Daniel Johnson


J-Busta vs. LJ Rebel

J-Busta and his manager “Showtime” Stevie Stamos come out prior to the match with J-Busta wearing a Northeast Wrestling (NEW) t-shirt angering some Connecticut Wrestling Entertainment (CTWE) fans. Since this match took place at CTWE vs. NEW, an inter-promotional event with mostly CTWE fans since the action took place in Bethany, Connecticut (a CTWE town), J-Busta gets a, “You sold out” chant. What did he sell out for exactly by jumping from CTWE to NEW? The chance to work a bigger American Legion?

At any rate J-Busta and Stamos form the Platinum Entourage, which was, one of, if perhaps not the most notorious heel entities in CTWE. Thus, newcomer LJ Rebel had his work cut out for him. Before the match Stamos gets on LJ’s case by saying that while J-Busta has women throwing themselves at him, Rebel is just like any other normal joker in the crowd.

I’ve seen plenty of Stamos, but before this match two things in particular stood out to me. First, Stamos has some wicked dark circles under his eyes. Second, he has a great looking suit. So combining those two with the fact that Stamos regularly comes out with an alcohol bottle and bleach blonde hair he looks like Ric Flair with problems. Which is to say he just looks like Ric Flair these days,

J-Busta pounds Rebel from the start and after one dropkick he does some pushups while covering the upstart. J-Busta must have been watching some Scott Steiner matches prior to this one. Although Rebel performs a Russian legsweep a bit later he never looks like a serious threat against J-Busta. Yet, J-Busta and Stamos are still heels so they have to cheat. Stamos distracts the referee then J-Busta wallops Rebel with a good old fashion international object. After the match J-Busta hits three super kicks and a few fans are even chanting for Rebel to eat a fourth.

The full match can be seen right here:

CTWE has closed it’s doors, but NEW’s next show is scheduled for September 7 in North Haven, Connecticut. Click here for tickets.

For the full results of CTWE vs. NEW click here.

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