Indie Flashback: Peter Avalon Wrestles Buggy Nova at IWL Higher in 2012

by Daniel Johnson


Peter Avalon vs. Buggy Nova

Right before working for WWE in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) under a development deal, Buggy Nova took on Peter Avalon aka the man who would become Norv Fernum in TNA. This intergender match match took place for the California based Insane Wrestling League (IWL) at their IWL Higher event. Before you ask, yes, IWL Higher took place on April 20, 2012.

Avalon mocks Nova and the crowd throughout this match. As a matter of fact he is announced as, “the man laying on the mat” when he is showing his disdain for people by taunting them. During the feeling out process of this match a Pee-wee Herman chant breaks out directed at Avalon. Avalon dances like Pee-wee for about a second then flips off the crowd.

Avalon is hesitant to face Nova head on and runs away after a strike. The two actually chain wrestle for a few seconds, but then Avalon tosses the lighter wrestler out of the ring. Avalon throws Nova into a post and at one point even throws her into the crowd. Nova builds up for her comeback and then when the action goes back inside she crotches Avalon on the ropes then superplexes old Peter. The two trade some fiery chops a while later and despite being the face Nova soon gives Avalon a blatant nut shot. Who booked this show, Bruce Hart?

At any rate Nova goes onto hit a stunner that would make “Stone Cole” Steve Austin wince and then ends it with a bulldog.

The full match can be seen right here:

IWL’s next show will be IWL New Era 9 on September 28 in Monrovia, California. Click here for tickets.

The full results of IWL Higher can be found here.

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