Indie Flashback: Greg Excellent Takes on Drake Younger at CZW Super Saturday in 2012

by Daniel Johnson


Greg Excellent vs. Drake Younger

Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) invaded Indianapolis, Indiana for CZW Super Saturday in 2012 with a card featuring hometown hero Drake Younger. Younger took on the bulbous Greg Excellent in a match made up of brawling, a little technical wrestling and plenty of comedy.

The match begins with Younger and Excellent pushing each other. Being the much smaller man there is no way Younger is going to win a battle of that sort. Instead Younger delivers an armdrag and sends Excellent retreating with a dropkick. Younger decides to leave the ring creatively by performing a swanton bomb from the top rope to the floor. Younger then encourages some fan interaction by having one audience member hold Excellent so Younger can chop him.

Not one to be embarrassed Excellent is only going to take so much before he gives back. And gives back Excellent does…with the dreaded purple nurple! Excellent then keeps the comedy going by lifting up Younger’s shirt looking at his man nipples and declaring, “Still there.” Younger battles back with a suplex variation and a frogsplash, but before long Excellent resumes control and wants to be the one to embarrass Younger. Excellent takes off his singlet and the big man is just in his undies. Never to be a square, Younger then pulls his trunks down to be in his underoos too.

As silly as the underpants stuff is the two are not done pulling out crazy moves just yet. Excellent hits a wicked emerald fusion off the ropes then plants Younger on his head twice with two Excellent drivers.

CZW Super Saturday was also remarkable for Scotty Vortekz defeating Devon Moore and “The Lariat” DJ Hyde to win the CZW World Heavyweight Championship. While this is true the match between Younger and Excellent probably entertained the crowd for some completely different reasons. At least half of those reasons had to be related to the comedy of watching tough dudes fight in their undies.

The full match can be seen right here:

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