Indie Flashback: “The Lariat” DJ Hyde Wrestles BJ Whitmer at CZW Cinco de Mayo

by Daniel Johnson

“The Lariat” DJ Hyde vs. BJ Whitmer

“The Lariat” DJ Hyde runs down BJ Whitmer on the mic to start this Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) clip. Rather than take any of Hyde’s crap, Whitmer gives Hyde some shots to the face and then beats Hyde throughout this Bloomington, Indiana crowd at CZW Cinco de Mayo in 2012.

The brawl is in the style of that performed years ago by Bruiser Brody and Abdullah The Butcher. Yes, you can’t expect much scientific wrestling in this one. Instead Whitmer throws Hyde into a door then some chairs then grinds his face into a chair then Irish whips him into some chairs. Basically, Whitmer really likes assaulting Hyde with chairs.

The tide turns in Hyde’s favor when he reverses an Irish whip and sends Whitmer into some seats. Back inside the ring Whitmer regains his momentum with some strikes and chops. Whitmer even goes on to land a running knee and hit a northern lights suplex. Hey, this beating is actually starting to resemble a wrestling match! Hyde takes Whitmer on a short trip to Cobb County, Georgia and gives him a Bossman slam. Although Whitmer scores a dropkick when he goes off the ropes he gets walloped with a lariat from Hyde and it is all over.

For the full results of CZW Cinco de Mayo click here.

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