25 and Under: Alexander Hammerstone Debuts at WCWC Against Former WWE Superstar Gangrel

by Daniel Johnson

Alexander Hammerstone vs. Gangrel

Alexander Hammerstone gets introduced by the fiendish Morty Lipschitz in this match for the West Coast Wrestling Connection (WCWC) at an event in the Houck Middle School in Salem, Oregon. Alexander’s gimmick is that of an arrogant young man, who even sometimes just goes by the singular name, Hammerstone. Kind of like Cher, but with a penis (presumably).

Hammerstone cuts a promo before the match where he says former WWE superstar Gangrel, his opponent for the night, used to be something special, but now, “He’s just ordinary.” Gangrel then comes out to a hip hop version of his Attitude Era theme from WWF, The Music Vol. 3 and it is on! Although Hammerstone attacks Gangrel from behind, Gangrel controls most of the beginning of the match. Another former WWE wrestler, Matt Striker is on commentary for the bout and heels it up, but gives Gangrel his props saying, “Gangrel beat my tail all over this building.” WCWC must be handing out some serious cash to get all these ex-WWE guys.

In any event Hammerstone takes charge with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex then a clothesline followed by a boot and some choking. When the match spills outside of the ring Hammerstone clotheslines Gangrel to the unmatted floor. Good thing Hammerstone isn’t the stiffest worker. If another young lion like Kazuki Hashimoto hit that move, Gangrel might have been broken in two (evidence).

As the bout comes to a close Gangrel makes a comeback, but Striker just can’t sit back and be happy for his fellow WWE alumnus. Striker runs to the ring with a chair, which distracts Gangrel long enough for Hammerstone to schoolboy the big vampire for a three count.

To see the full results from this WCWC show click here.

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