25 and Under: JJ Sanchez Takes on a Veteran of the Attitude Era

by Daniel Johnson

JJ Sanchez vs. Road Dogg

Since Jeff Jarrett announced he resigned from TNA yesterday I thought it was only fitting to feature another Double J on the site to pay tribute to a great WWF Intercontinental Champion. In this bout from Canadian Wrestling’s Elite (CWE) JJ Sanchez takes on Road Dogg, who also happened to hold the WWF Intercontinental Championship, but had a less than spectacular reign.

Prior to the bout JJ Sanchez is announced as “The Face of Country Music” and comes out to a little country number. The New Age Outlaws’ music hits and Dogg gives his typical New Age Outlaw speech that he has been doing since the Attitude Era. Road Dogg taunts Sanchez by saying his entrance music sucks and then Road Dogg actually sings (or at least lip syncs) “With My Baby Tonight” as the music to it starts playing. Road Dogg’s fun is short lived because Sanchez attacks him from behind. Sanchez then taunts Dogg by doing one of  Dogg’s signature taunts. Although the man formerly known as The Roadie then reverses an Irish whip and sends Sanchez to the outside, Dogg gets attacked by Cliff Corleone, Sanchez’s bodyguard/tag partner.

When the action comes back inside the ring Dogg hits his classic punching/dance combo and you can almost hear the voices of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler calling the action. Dogg then does one more of his trademark taunts and hits Sanchez with a fist to the face to win. The actual bout was brief as heck so neither guy could do much in the ring, but the pre-match antics really make this clip!

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