Old School Flashback: The Mighty Mites Face Some Bad Competition

by Daniel Johnson

The Might Mites vs. Bad, Black and Beautiful

I’ve written before about how the old LPWA tag team name Bad, Black and Beautiful may not be considered politically correct these days, but egad! Just check out a screen grab from this clip:


Yes, for some reason I can’t imagine WWE promoting any of their aggressive heels by declaring, “SHE’S BLACK” any time soon.

As for the match Bad, Black and Beautiful stood up against no less than “Exotic” Adrian Street in their LPWA tenure so what threat could a team that takes it’s name from an insect really pose? As it turns out despite being considerably smaller than The Bad Girl and Black Venus, The Mighty Mites consisting of Cheryl Rusa and Sindy Paradise Irish whip the heels into each other and then land a double dropkick. This is about as much momentum as the faces can muster though because The Bad Girl then slams Paradise, gives her a back elbow and nearly obliterates her with a piledriver before deciding instead to throw her into a corner and tag in Venus. Later when Rusa gets tagged in she picks up a little steam by hitting Venus with a butt ugly kick and then trying to clamp on some kind of illogical submission. Boogaloo Brown’s women get the win instead after Venus clotheslines Rusa then headbutts her in the stomach.

To end on a random note the commentary is also pretty fun throughout the match and includes Ashley Kennedy implying that Chris Cruise has a five inch penis!

Photo Credit: YouTube.com

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