25 and Under: Aaron Matthews Wrestles at UWC Relay for Life in 2011

by Daniel Johnson

Aaron Matthews vs. Cecil Cerveza

This match features the young, but fairly experienced Aaron Matthews taking on Cecil Cerveza, which in Spanish translates to Cecil Beer. It is a shame Cecil wasn’t a huge star during the Attitude Era because Cecil Beer could have led to some great merchandise. At any rate both men are tag wrestlers so Matthews comes out with his partner from Dead Sexy, Jeff Harris and Cerveza enters with his partner “Fabulous” Jason V.

Before we look at the action that took place I thought it was worth mentioning the unique setup this match has. The bout took place for the United Wrestling Coalition (UWC), which itself is a part of the Heritage Wrestling Coalition (HWC), an alliance of six wrestling promotions all based in central Illinois (or at least it was?). The reason it is happening outdoors and the ring has been setup on a grass field is because the match happened at UWC Relay for Life, which was a charity event and probably didn’t have a lot of money put into it for renting out elaborate venues.

The bout starts with a lot of striking from Cerveza until he hits Matthews with a big back body drop onto the grass outside. Cerveza dominates the match, which allows Matthews to demonstrate some great selling. Cerveza nearly wins the bout on multiple occasions after hitting moves like a blue thunder bomb, a northern lights suplex and after Matthews misses a top rope senton Cerveza nearly wins one last time with a gut buster. However, heel tactics help Matthews prevail because just as Cerveza is about to polish Matthews off, Harris grabs Cerveza’s foot then drops his neck against the top rope. Matthews nails Cerveza with Dolph Ziggler’s blonde ambition finisher for a win.

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