25 and Under: Alexi Papadopoulos and Alex Haize Main Event the Last PWI Show Ever

by Daniel Johnson

This clip features the main event of the last show ever from Pro Wrestling Ignition (PWI), the Australian PWI as opposed to the whacky Indianapolis one.PWI had a great mission in promoting young Australian talent. Some talent featured included Alex Haize, a PWI World Champion and Alexi Papadopoulos the challenger in this clip.

The final show for the company was PWI November Reign (not November Rain). Papadopoulos came out draped in the Greek Flag while Haize had some backup in the form of his heel stable, Iconoclasm. The performers tie up and Papadopoulos overpowers Haize by shoving him to the mat. Haize eventually gains control of the bout with a headlock and just as Papadopoulos once again overpowers him, Haize pulls opponent’s hair to send him falling down and to keep Haize in control. Papadopoulos keeps fighting though and catches Haize during an attempted attack from the top rope. Papadopoulos slams Haize and get a two count, but then Iconoclasm throw a fork into the ring and Haize tries to attack Papadopoulos with it. Papadopoulos wrestles it away and throws it outside the ring. Papadopoulos spears Haize, pulls down the straps on his singlet because he means business (just like Jerry Lawler) and then puts on an ankle lock. Haize tries to get to the ropes, but Papadopoulos grapevines the hold to win!

After the match the PWI locker room (consisting of about five other guys) empties and celebrate with Papadopoulos. Among the wrestlers is Joel Bateman who gets awarded with a chant as the footage ends.

So that was the last PWI World Championship match ever…or was it? Well, according to a 2012 post made on the old PWI Facebook page, the title is being kept alive by Gippsland Pro Wrestling (GPW), a promotion with a similar approach to PWI.

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