WCW Breaking News 12/27/13

by Daniel Johnson


*WCW Starrcade 2013 may very well have the lowest numbers in the pay-per-view’s history. Early estimates indicate there were 26,000 North American buys and 19,000 international buys for a total of 45,000 buys. Problems popped up early when thousands of dollars were spent for advertising space in various publications using the wrong poster. Instead of WCW’s intended poster, the marketing team accidentally placed ads promoting NWA Starrcade 2013. Aside from being completely unrelated to the WCW event the poster also advertised a different date for Starrcade. In related news WCW Lee Marshall, head of marketing is expected to receive a substantial raise for 2014.

*Sources claim WCW officials have come to the realization that this year’s Starrcade was used too much like an infomercial for this Sunday’s WCW Backstage Assault 2013. With just one week separating the two shows WCW tried to get in as much build for the second pay-per-view as possible. Apparently no one learned a lesson from when WWE made virtually the same mistake…over 20 years ago in using WWF Survivor Series 1991 to hype WWF This Tuesday in Texas.

*WCW’s last pay-per-vew of the year is the brainchild of veteran head booker Vince Russo. Russo got the go ahead to run the first ever wrestling pay-per-view without a wrestling ring after showing WCW executives footage from an independent wrestling show where no ring was used. Or did he? Despite the name of the pay-per-view Russo’s enemies are fighting Russo on his idea until the last minute. It is unlikely fans will know for sure whether Backstage Assault will have a ring until they tune in and either will or will not see a wrestling ring.

*Despite the disastrous Starrcade pay-per-view estimates, WCW’s answer to NJPW’s Kazuchika Okada,  Tokyo Magnum is expected to continue with his super push as the potential new face for the company. Whether or not he will officially be recognized as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion is another story. Sources say the ending to his Starrcade main event match with Bill Goldberg was only partially a work. That match, which ended with Goldberg spearing Magnum then giving him a jackhammer before swearing and walking out with the belt is said to be the result of a compromise reached between Goldberg and Russo. Reportedly not part of the compromise was Magnum then being announced as the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion by forfeit. Since Goldberg’s only appearance on WCW Tuesday Nitro was a pre-taped promo swearing revenge on Magnum it is unknown if he will take part in the rematch scheduled for Backstage Assault.

*Glenn Gilbertti aka Disqo aka Disqojack is said to be pushing hard to keep his My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic brony inspired tag team with La Parka aka Pinkie Parka alive. Some backstage officials are said to be behind pushing Parka as a singles star citing strong sales of his merchandise. Parka’s partners on the other hand are said to only detract from his overness. Since being given the Pinkie Parka gimmick in 2012 Parka has had a revolving door of partners including Psicosis aka Psicosis Sparkle, Vampiro aka Rainbow Vamp, Buff Bagwell aka Rainbow Vamp 2 and most recently Disqojack. If Parka is given a singles run expect him to be pushed right to the WCW United States Championship.

*Although WCW officials could not reach a deal with Hulk Hogan to appear at Starrcade, they have not given up on having him make an appearance at Backstage Assault, possibly even in a wrestling capacity. Aside from money issues officials against the idea are saying it would take the focus off of WCW’s youth movement. Of course the face of this movement, Tokyo Magnum just turned 40 in January so perhaps Hogan could even become part of the movement.

*Although it has been heavily rumored no meeting is said to have taken place yet between Kevin Nash, head of talent relations and recent free agent AJ Styles. The viral marketing campaign WCW began releasing in early December declaring, “A new style is coming to WCW” is obviously hinting towards a Styles return possibly as Scott Steiner’s mystery opponent at Backstage Assault. In case a deal with Styles cannot be reached Road Warrior Animal is always on standby to face Steiner.

Disclaimer: Unless you took one Tongan death grip too many from Meng or speared Bret Hart in his hidden steel plate you should know that none of this actually happened. The real WCW was purchased in 2001 by the company that would become WWE.

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