Indie Flashback: Ibo Latino and Cash Money Erkan Battle at GWF

by Daniel Johnson

Ibo Latino vs. Cash Money Erkan

Mainstream American wrestling has produced a plethora of content in 2013 from great moments (which I drew horribly in MS Paint for the FAN forums):


To not so great moments (which I drew horribly in MS Paint for the FAN forums):


One thing mainstream American wrestling has not featured however are quality German wrestlers with some strong pushes behind them. The last time American audiences got anything close to that Alex Wright was beating cruiserweights in WCW. Luckily the German Wrestling Federation (GWF) has us covered. This bout sees wunderkind Cash Money Erkan take on the older and more experienced Ibo Latino at GWF Berlin Wrestling Night 9.

Speaking of American wrestling, Erkan gets a John Cena kind of reaction from this Berlin crowd with a chant of “Let’s go Erkan, Erkan sucks” to open the match. Latino dominates early on by getting a cheap shot and following that up with a slam, a hip toss and a clothesline. In fact, Latino controls much of the match and at one point even hits a suicide dive. As the match comes to a close Latino scores a two count with a powerbomb and stuns Erkan with a TKO. Erkan had been trying to fully hit his Shawn Michaels inspired cash money kick (basically sweet chin music) throughout the match, but without luck. Despite his aggression Latino makes a mistake when he attempts a top rope move and Erkan finally nails his kick and gets a three count!

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