Indie Flashback: Ilja Dragunov, CorVus and Flying Dragon Jr. at GWF

by Daniel Johnson

Ilja Dragunov vs. CorVus vs. Flying Dragon Jr.

This triple threat match from the German Wrestling Federation (GWF) from last year features talent from three parts of the world with considerably different wrestling styles. Ilja Dragunov hails from Russia, CorVus comes from Chicago and Flying Dragon Jr. is a German homeboy. The three combine to make a heck of an interesting match.

The bout has a bit of an odd dynamic in that it feels more like a handicap match than a triple threat match at points. This makes sense as the three need some time to feel each other out. After all this is CorVus’ first GWF match and with all three performers being under 30, Dragunov and Dragon can only be so familiar with each other.

CorVus first avoids conflict when Dragunov goes after him. At one point CorVus even drops to the mat and screams in a funny cowardly heel spot. It is a misleading display because soon after CorVus is hitting some soccer kicks so hard you’d think they would have earned him a spot on the German team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Eventually, Dragunov and CorVus team up for an extended period as CorVus shouts, “Russia and America!” It makes sense to position Dragon as the face of the match since he is the hometown hero.

As the match comes to a finish Dragon sells a flying elbow into the corner by CorVus and a running dropkick into the corner by Dragunov. Eventually, Dragunov bumps into CorVus not once, but twice. After the second time, Dragunov takes advantage of the situation by hitting Dragon with a lariat and getting the big W.

For the full results of GWF Berlin Wrestling Night 15 (the event where this match took place) click here.

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