Indie Flashback: Emil Sitoci and Jimmy Jacobs Tear Apart WXW in 2010

by Daniel Johnson


Emil Sitoci vs. Jimmy Jacobs

It is difficult to believe, but this decade is almost halfway over. Ten years is a long time and plenty of worthwhile independent wrestling companies never make it to that milestone. Westside Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) opened the 2010’s by celebrating the fact they had been around for a dime with the WXW 10th Anniversary Show. Aside from WXW’s regular roster the show also featured an array of internationally acclaimed talent including Eddie Edwards, Paul London and the man in this clip, Jimmy Jacobs.

Jacobs and his opponent Emil Sitoci are both known for their speed and agility. Moves like Sitoci hitting the Ring of Honor (ROH) star with a dropkick while Jacobs is perched on the top rope and Jacobs delivering a flipping senton on to the floor aren’t that surprising. More intriguing are the desperation moves pulled out by the future Dutch Pro Wrestling (DPW) headliner and Jacobs. Such moves include Jacobs spearing Sitoci off the apron with such force it would make Paul Heyman ejaculate if Jacobs was his client and Sitoci hitting a stunner from a backpack position.

There are a ton of spots where this match looks like it could end, but each man keeps kicking out. Needless to say with all that build the ending is incredible. In fact the bout comes to a close with one of the most seamless concluding counters I’ve ever seen. While this match may have helped open a decade to celebrate a momentous occasion, this bout is timeless.

Emil Sitoci will next wrestle for his current home promotion Dutch Pro Wrestling (DPW) at DPW Summer Showdown 2014. Click here for tickets.

Jimmy Jacobs will next wrestle for his current home promotion ROH on August 9 on the ROH Summer Heat Tour 2014. Click here for tickets.

The full match can be seen right here:

For the full results of the WXW 10th Anniversary click here.

For more Indie Flashback action from Germany click here and here.

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