Indie Flashback: Samoa Joe Battles Roderick Strong in front of a Rabid Maryland Crowd

by Daniel Johnson

indieflashbacklogoSamoa Joe vs. Roderick Strong

In celebration of the May 27 announcement that Ring of Honor (ROH) is finally getting a national television deal, this clip of two stars who the company helped develop and in turn assisted in growing the company seems appropriate. Since Samoa Joe also shocked the wrestling world and debuted in WWE this month, it seems doubly appropriate.

Of course with this being a piece in part about ROH’s June 3 debut on Destination America it wouldn’t be complete without taking a lame shot at TNA. So here it goes. Dixie Carter smells.

As for this bout to give it a little context, in 2006 Samoa Joe was tearing through the indies as TNA’s reigns were not quite as tight as they would one day become. Joe could have an amazing match with AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, or even Kurt Angle then go to the indies and wrestle some less high profile talent.

Although this match did not take place in ROH, Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW) has long been a great venue for indie talent. Joe certainly fit the bill as a great indie talent in 2006 as he is in full-on vintage badass Joe mod with his towel, menacing theme, and general unsettling demeanor.

For as dominate as Joe was at the time, Roderick Strong works as a great foil and underdog for this match from MCW Resurrection. Despite being much larger than Strong though, Joe had what can only be described in cliche as catlike reflexes. In fact, commentator Chris Cruise exclaims at one point, “That may have been the fastest maneuver I have seen in my entire life! Good God!” These remarks are said in regard to a slam that is done with such authority it needs to be seen to be believed (say, “Yay,” if you want  another cliche).

The way the cookie crumbles is Joe kicks Strong while he is on the ropes and murders him with a muscle buster for the win.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next MCW show will be MCW Ladies Night on June 19 in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Click here for tickets.

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