Indie Flashback: Green Ant Battles Frightmare at AIW in 2010

by Daniel Johnson

indieflashbacklogoGreen Ant vs. Frightmare

Back in April 2010 Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) held a two day trios tournament entitled AIW Jack of All Trios. Unsurprisingly, another company that has long emphasized trios wrestling, CHIKARA had some showcase matches during the events including Green Ant wrestling Frightmare.

AIW Jack of All Trios: Night 1 was a night of respect and this match smack dab in the middle of AIW Jack of All Trios: Night 2 was similar as Ant and Frightmare started things off with a handshake. Denver Colorado helps call the action as fans learn that this is actually the first ever singles encounter between Ant and Frightmare.

The two trade shoulder tackles with neither having any success until Ant’s second one works. Colorado points out, “These guys are so well matched that a lot of the time they get the same idea.” The two follow this up with another handshake.

The tone of the match goes from respectful to high speed as Frightmare delivers a kick to Ant’s gut followed by a hurricanrana. The match even spills outside for a bit, but this isn’t Abdullah The Butcher going to war with Bruiser Brody. Instead of brawling the action goes right back inside.

The pace of the match gets a bit slower when Ant lands a dropkick then punishes Frightmare with a spinning toehold. Is he trying to imitate Terry Funk or Dory Funk, Jr.? It must be Dory because the action all stays very technical just like Dory would do.

Frightmare attempts a comeback, but it doesn’t last long as Ant soon has him in a single leg Boston crab. Frightmare sneaks in a crucifix, which gets a super close two count, but when that doesn’t work Ant goes up top. Frightmare tries to knock Ant off the ropes, but Ant sends Frightmare off instead.

Although Ant achieves a big splash, Frightmare nails a standing moonsault with his knees landing on Ant’s face. Frightmare gets the win!

The full match can be seen right here:

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