Indie Flashback: The Young Bucks Wrestle Project Lucha at PCW

by Daniel Johnson


The Young Bucks vs. Project Lucha

In 2013 the United Kingdom’s Preston City Wrestling (PCW) started the year off right with PCW More Bang For Your Buck. Despite the name The Young Bucks consisting of Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson opened the card rather than main evented. No matter what it’s place on the show though, The Young Bucks taking on Project Lucha made up of El Ligero and Martin Kirby was a money match.

By the time this showdown took place it had been hyped up by PCW for months with the build up including The Young Bucks cutting a promo on Project Lucha in front of Mexico’s shortest border fence ever.

Nick and Ligero start off the contest by trading shoulder blocks, but the action soon picks up when Nick hits a crossbody off of the second rope. Soon Nick is double teaming with Matt when he tags in the elder brother to nail Ligero’s arm with a double stomp. This match has a lot of pretty high flying, but it isn’t all so beautiful. Some of it is just basic brutality like Matt chopping Ligero so hard you could swear he displaced a nipple.

In any event the double team moves are still the best part of this match and you have to admire The Young Bucks when they perform moves like double hip tossing Ligero, simultaneously back flipping and then dropkicking the masked warrior. Project Lucha are no scrubs in this one when it comes to double team maneuvers either. At one point the commentators correctly point out that Project Lucha take a page from the playbook of The Midnight Express. That’s their playbook I said, not their scrapbook so don’t go shelling out $25 to Jim Cornette just to learn that. Instead buy The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette 25th Anniversary Scrapbook because it is awesome.

Sorry, the spirit of Cornette took me over for a minute. Speaking of spirits Matt Jackson might not be The Undertaker, but Kirby probably doesn’t know that after he gets planted with a spiked tombstone piledriver by him.

The full match can be seen right here:

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