Indie Flashback: Rob Cage Runs Into Big Bag Albert at UKW

by Daniel Johnson


Rob Cage vs. Big Bad Albert

Rob Cage is a 25 year-old English star who wrestles throughout Europe and lately has been headlining for Mad Wrestling Association (MWA), a German company, as the holder of the MWA International Heavyweight Championship. Back in 2011, Cage also held gold in United Kingdom Wrestling (UKW) as a cocky heel who in UKW Mayhem Episode 14 defended the UKW Championship against Big Bad Albert.

The clip starts with Cage saying popular babyface Caden Lay is not there tonight, but as a fighting champion he is willing to wrestle someone else. Cage starts to leave as in typical arrogant heel fashion he doubts anyone will answer the challenge. The debuting Big Bad Albert comes out and gets on the mic. The audio isn’t great plus Albert’s accent gets in the way so as best as I can tell Albert says something about wanting omelets.

As for the match the spirit of Road Warrior Hawk must have possessed Albert because Albert’s approach to wrestling is like a down on its luck supermarket. In other words there is not a lot of selling going on. Cage tries to escape, but Albert stalks him around the ring continuing his no selling until he lands a big chop and slams the heel on the outside.

In the ring Albert takes some pages from the playbooks of King Kong Bundy and Rikishi by landing an avalanche then a stink face. Albert then does it again!

Finally, Cage has had enough. He blatantly sprays Albert in the eyes and gives him a swift kick in the balls. Maybe Albert isn’t that comparable to the Road Warriors after all. I’m pretty sure Hawk would have no sold the nut shot.

The full match can be seen right here:

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I have no idea where you can find the fulls results of UKW Mayhem Episode 14. However,  maybe you do and if that is the case then drop me a line here.

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