Indie Flashback: Big Van Walter Collides With Axel Tischer

by Daniel Johnson


Big Van Walter vs. Axel Tischer

This WXW Shotgun video takes us back to a Westside Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) show from 2011 when Big Van Walter aka Big Daddy Walter was smack dab in the middle of his second reign with the  WXW Unified World Heavyweight Championship. His opponent for this encounter, Axel Tischer is no stranger to the champion and their proven chemistry results in an excellent match.

Although Walter is a more grounded performer than Tischer that is just because Tischer is so agile for a fairly big performer. Walter is no slug though and at one point this crowd from WXW Broken Rulz XI is even chanting for Walter to do a shooting star press. Although Walter has the audience clamoring for a high flying move, Tischer is the one feeding them with maneuvers like a swanton over the ropes to the floor. Heck, he’s moving around like Rey Mysterio, Jr. in his prime!

This bout is fought in an array of styles. In addition to the aforementioned high flying there is also plenty of technical wrestling and some vicious brawling. Towards the end of the match Tischer tries to put Walter away with a German suplex and a death valley driver. Tischer gets a two for each move, but no dice. Tischer then goes back to brawling and executes a slew of kicks to the head, but Walter does his version of Hulking up. The German crowd loves their modern German Hulk Hogan and Walter in turn feeds off the fans the same way that Hogan used to. He just cannot be stopped.

The full match can be seen right here:

Big Daddy Walter and Axel Tischer are both likely to appear on WXW’s next show, which will be part of the WXW 14th Anniversary Tour. The show will be September 20 in Wickede, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Click here for more information (site is in German).

For the full results of WXW Broken Rulz XI click here.

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