30 in 30 Reborn: D2W’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


Hi readers! Do your part to pump up indie/foreign wrestling and vote for The Crown J here. Also, go here for details on how to win a $25 WWE Shop Gift Card. Details on the 30 in 30 Reborn series can be found here. Contest ends August 31, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.

The full D2W YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about D2W’s Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 64

Frequency new videos are added: For a while the channel had more than a new upload a week, but there has not been a single upload in weeks and weeks. This promotion is still active so there is some hope.

Frequency full shows are added: No full shows have been added yet.

Total views of the most popular video: 2,060

D2W is a promotion based out of the borough of Wharton in central New Jersey? What does D2W stand for exactly? Well, on August 25, 2013 I sent them a message asking just that and I have yet to hear back from them. It’s still a hair under a year so a timely response could be incoming. Personally, given it is a New Jersey based promotion and the company’s logo appears to be on fire and reminiscent of the New Jersey Devils’ logo, I think it stands for Daredevil Wrestling. I mean it’s got to be right? Anyway, the channel consists almost exclusively of full matches and show previews. There are a few odds and ends thrown in like this commercial for D2W Pro Wrestling Academy. D2W’s regular roster is mostly made up of lesser known talent. The highest profile guys are Danny E (the actual brother of TNA’s Robbie E who has appeared for D2W) and yet another guy working as The Patriot. Aside from Danny E other young talent to look out for on this channel include Chris Steeler, WASP (great gimmick) and Frankie Flow. Full matches on the channel are filmed clearly and have good lighting and commentary. Footage is also often accompanied by onscreen graphics. D2W gives away a lot of good quality stuff for free like title matches. For a fee you can also have D2W come to your birthday party. I can’t think of a better way to spend a birthday in central New Jersey than with some indie wrestling.

A recommended clip:

Chris Steeler vs. WASP

Since D2W is a promotion that likes to have fun with acronyms it makes sense that their champion is William Alexander Samuel Palmer (WASP). WASP comes out to some classical music and is a heel indicating that yes he is supposed to be a white anglo-saxon protestant. Actually, WASP is an awesome wrestling gimmick that I’m surprised I don’t see more of on the indie scene. If I was a promoter I’d book a whole WASP stable which would cut promos reminiscent of that one Family Guy scene.

WASP’s challenger for tonight is Chris Steeler. At the time of this match in October 2013 Steeler had the D2W Wrestler of the Year trophy, but was not content with one prize and instead wanted to add the D2W World Championship to his collection. WASP will do anything to prevent that including blindsiding Steeler to start the match. Unfortunately for WASP, Steeler catches him and gives him some kicks to the breadbasket. A while latter WASP gains an advantage and from their it is chinlock city. In addition to training at the D2W Pro Wrestling Academy, I have a feeling WASP is a graduate of The Randy Orton School of Restholds.

Steeler comes back and devastates WASP with a desperation DDT. Steeler follows up with a leg lariat, a clothesline and a Russian legsweep. One super kick later and it looks all over for WASP when…the 10 minute time limit expires. Heel commissioner Larry Lawson teases giving the crowd another five minutes of action, but a tease is a tease and the bastard won’t allow more time!

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