Indie Flashback: Rockstar Spud in PCW

by Daniel Johnson

Rockstar Spud vs. Martin Kirby

Back in July Rockstar Spud re-debuted for TNA and then pretty much disappeared right after. As Dixie Carter explained after Spud’s initial disappearance, Spud, the winner of TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp disappeared because of how good TNA’s planning is as evident by Bully Ray’s heel turn. Wait…what?

It may be tough to get a straight answer out of Dixie Carter, but this clip from Preston City Wrestling (PCW) gives some indication of why Spud’s success in independent wrestling may be difficult to translate to TNA. First, perhaps the best part of the clip is Spud coming out to the epic yet indierrific song, “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. The entrance would be pretty badass, if you didn’t almost immediately realize that Spud is the size of a regulation third grader. However, as a heel this just gave Spud more heat. Likewise, what Spud proves to be best at is jaw jacking with the crowd. While yelling, “I’m not a midget, I’m a very small man,” works at an indie show, an Impact Wrestling taping is just a little less intimate to put it mildly. Finally, while Spud may still be a ways away to call himself a ring general, he actually can sell quite well. Given his small stature, even a guy like Martin Kirby, who is no giant, comes off like a beat as he is punishing Spud with hip tosses before mercifully ending the match with a rocker dropper. Yet, TNA has yet to really showcase Spud’s selling power moves in this manner, which is just baffling.

Whether one enjoys Spud or not, it is tough to argue that the few times TNA has bothered to promote him, his strengths have been hidden while his weaknesses stand out clear as day.

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