Indie Flashback: Marty Scurll in PCW

by Daniel Johnson

Marty Scurll vs. Kris Travis

Earlier this week I did a little write-up about the difficulties Rockstar Spud has been having in TNA and thought it would be fun to take a look at another one of the contestants from TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp. While I’ll refrain from spending much time comparing Spud and Scurll, it is worth mentioning one aspect I left out when previously talking about Spud, which is how rich both men are in experience. For instance, Scurll is still in his mid 20s, but has been wrestling since 2005 and has worked for promotions ranging from CZW to WXW in Germany to TNA and their developmental promotion, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). Not surprisingly Scurll has also passed through the United Kingdom’s PCW though surprisingly according to he has only had one match there.

Scurll proves to be a master of heeling it up with this crowd at PCW Spring Slam, from singling one fan out and telling him to kiss his rump to impersonating Ric Flair to later on even mooning the audience. As for the moves of the match, not one move is executed for the first three minutes of the clip, but when Scurll and opponent Kris Travis get going they unleash some good ones. In particular Travis performs a hip toss variation where he actually flies along with his opponent. It really has to be seen to be appreciated. After about 15 minutes of action Travis gets the win with a Tiger driver.

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