ROH Throwback Thursday: A Delayed Thursday

by Daniel Johnson

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jay Lethal

Although it has become common practice to feature a clip from the ROH Throwback Thursday on this website the day after it is posted, ROH does not always come through with a clip in time. Case in point this week’s ROH Throwback Thursday clip has still yet to be posted. No worries as it has happened before hence why the above clip is only being featured now.

2005 was an incredibly important year for ROH in terms of growth. This match from ROH Buffalo Stampede features two of the company’s workhorses, Jimmy Jacobs and Jay Lethal. Unlike some other matches from around this time, Jacob’s manager Lacey does not get physically involved, but instead just soaks up the abuse of the audience. Lethal stays on the offense a bunch in the early goings of this match and hits some particularly well executed moves in a snap suplex and a dropkick to the back of Jacob’s head. Soon enough though Jacobs is pummeling Lethal to the point where at one point he is just stomping on him repeatedly. With the way Lethal is selling it you’d think he temporarily turned into Dolph Ziggler. Lethal comes back from this with a series of running elbows and a beautiful looking spinebuster. Although Jacobs gets in some more moves it is then just a matter of time before Lethal puts him away with a dragon suplex.

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