WSU: Bale Faces D’Milo

by Daniel Johnson

Xandra Bale vs. Jody D’Milo

This bout which took place at WSU Uncensored Rumble 6 features two upstarts from Canada who are on the verge of making bigger names for themselves in the United States. Jody D’Milo plays a lumbering Goliath in this match leaving Xandra Bale to do her best impression of the biblical David. Also, Bales’ yellow ring gear kind of reminds me of the 1960’s X-Men, but maybe that’s more because I’m a huge dork than anything else.

At any rate D’Milo tortures Bale throughout the match with power moves until Bale hits a lucky DDT. After two running attacks Bale finally manages to knock D’Milo off her feet following a spin kick from the second rope. Bale unsuccessfully tries to follow this up with a hurricanrana, but ends up getting planted with a sit-out powerbomb. Jody then messes up as well after an attempt at a Vader bomb that she completely misses. I would say that Vader would be ashamed of this, but he would have no feet to stand on after all the times he missed moonsaults over the years. For the finish Bale wallops D’Milo with a hurricanrana from the second rope then puts D’Milo in position for a fisherman’s suplex, but instead of carrying through, Bale just swings her around and plants her on the mat for a victory. Goodness knows what these two will have in store next if WSU brings them back.

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