Indie Flashback: Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste Take on The Metal Militia

by Daniel Johnson

Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste vs. The Metal Militia

Since 2009 the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance (SHWA) has held SHWA Midyear Mayhem. Although the highlight of the show tends to be the SHWA Midyear Mayhem Rumble (SHWA’s take on the WWE Royal Rumble) the 2011 event also showcased an incredible tag team match.

In 2011 if you were going to feature one tag match on an Australian wrestling show then you can’t do much better than Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste aka the founding members of a tag team that would become a larger group known as TMDK (The Mighty Don’t Kneel). TMDK’s opponents were also more than credible. Aside from being an established stable The Metal Militia, in this match represented by Pain and The Wraith, were accompanied by fellow Militia member and at the time SHWA Championship holder, Jarrad Slate.

TMDK blindside The Metal Militia to start, but it is not long before Pain and The Wraith are in control of the match. Pain is one heck of a hoss and demonstrates this early on when he puts Nicholls in a gorilla press slam position and turns the movie into a vicious spinebuster. Aside from Pain’s raw power what really makes this match standout is how far Nicholls and Haste had already come as a team by this time. With three more years of experience since this match took place it is no wonder Nicholls and Haste are not only stars in their native Australia, but in NOAH in Japan. After a series of double team maneuvers by both teams and Slate interfering, Haste sets Wraith up for a super kick that Nicholls hits to end it.

In upcoming SHWA news, SHWA Midyear Mayhem 2014 will take place on July 19. For more information on this show visit the promotion’s Facebook page here.

For the full results of SHWA Midyear Mayhem 2011 click here.

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