Indie Flashback: Kevin Steen Wrestles in Australia for NHPW

by Daniel Johnson


Kevin Steen vs. Tama Williams

In 2014 Kevin Steen has gotten in better shape, hinted at signing with WWE and will most likely wrap up what has been over a decade long career on the indies. Back in May 2013, Steen on the indies was going full force and the man wasn’t content to just work North American indies. Heck, he wasn’t even content to work the Northern Hemisphere. Enter New Horizon Pro Wrestling (NHPW) and their event NHPW Hardcore Resurrection 2013: Night 1.

The match begins with Steen trading forearms with his opponent Tama Williams. Steen then hits a chop and a headbutt, but Williams has that whole Jimmy Snuka hard head thing going on because Steen sells it more than he does. Actually Steen sells a lot in this match from just doing his offense. I guess it must be the jet lag. The performance spills outside the ring where Steen approaches a baby in the audience. Steen is at first disappointed the baby won’t give him a reaction, but then Steen gets the baby’s holder to have the baby give him a fist bump. Yes, Steen really knows how to work a crowd.

Back inside Williams controls a lot of this one, but Steen catches him with a strike and DDT while Williams is trying to do something from the apron. As the clip comes to a close Steen pulls out a swanton bomb…and misses it! Just Steen attempting that move alone made this show worthwhile.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next NHPW event will be NHPW Perth City Riot 2014 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia on August 23. Click here for tickets.

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