Beyond Wrestling: An Insane Three on Three Match

by Daniel Johnson

JT Dunn, Dave Cole and Gregory Edwards vs. Da Hoodz and Tommy Trainwreck

Despite this clip being nearly 17 minutes long the actual match is much shorter. As such it is just crazy how much the six men involved pack into it. The winner of the 2012 Crown J, JT Dunn and one half of the Hoodz, Kris Pyro start the match off by trading shoulder blocks. The music never stops as the action gets going full swing so there is no Denver Colorado to call the action. There is however Tommy Trainwreck tearing things up in a way that may be surprising given his measurements. At one point in the match Trainwreck hits a second rope dropkick and almost immediately after delivers a suicide dive.

Trainwreck also plays an unlikely Ricky Morton after Dunn puts the referee in a headlock and Dave Cole and Gregory Edwards crotch Trainwreck on the ring post. Eventually though, Da Hoodz’s Davey Vega gets a hot tag and clears the ring. Soon enough Kris Pyro gets tagged in and wins with a 450 splash. After the match Biff Busick interrupts Kris Pyro’s post match interview though no physicality occurs.  Pyro also takes part in a game after the match, but you’ll have to watch the clip to find out more about that.

In other Beyond Wrestling news, the company just debuted some new footage from their Point of No Return show courtesy of Kevin Steen.

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